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HT02 Toolholder
HT02 Toolholder
Name:HT02 Toolholder
Category:Toolholder and Adapter
Source:Yanggu Ruilister Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd
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Product Introduction

The road milling tools are mostly using for road milling machines, they are used for cutting asphalt road, concrete road and soil stabilize, milling width from 500mm-2500mm, they can suitable for Wirtgen’s machine, Cat’s machine and Dynapac’s machine.

We can supply all kinds of road milling tools, such as 13mm, 20mm, 22mm shank cutter picks for road milling machines, and also we can make the road milling tools according customers’ demand.

The Feature:

1.Alloy steel body, made by material ASTM4140 (42CrMo) or ASTM5140 (40Cr), heat treatment with HRC38-42 hardness, has high toughness and wearable character.

2.Tungsten carbide tip is made from low press sintered and suitable grade selected according to target projects, which are to make sure the good performance during working.

3.The products adapt to the machine with all the performance features, such as a high feed rate, a long service life and short tools changing time.

4.Road milling tools are suitable for cutting asphalt and concrete road.

Replacement of Kennametal’s specification:

RP01, RP05, RP06, RP07, RP15, RP19, RP24, RL07, RL08, RL09, RL10, M3, C3KBF, C87WFRKCSB, C858KCSB, C87KCSBSR, C87DSSR, C855KCSB, C100 24.43SB, C855LR, C387BF, C855HDX-4, C87HDRP, C855HD, C855HDX, C387DS, etc.

Replacement of Wirtgen’s specification:

W4, W5, W5H, W6, W6H, W6HR, W6/22 R, W7, W7H, W8, W8EHR, etc.

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